Project Saharawi Medals

One of the SaharaMarathon projects is the medal production workshop, where young saharawis can work producing medals out of recycled materials.
Starting from the SaharaMarathon 2012, a new technique of producing medals will be introduced, joining the efforts of the recycling and ceramic workshops. This will increase quality and facilitate production.
Currently, 30 employees work in the two recycling laboratories and 10 in the ceramic laboratory.

Sports event organizers supported the Saharawi by ordering medals for their events.
Awarding the participants of sporting events with a medal produced at the camps, personalized with the event logo, is a way to express solidarity and raise awareness in the sports world and allow young saharawis to start a small job and provide a little income to their family.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!


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