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The 2022 Edition of Sahara Marathon is organized under the leadership of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and in collaboration with the National Sahrawi Women’s Union and other organizations. All interested athletes and individuals in this solidarity sporting event are cordially invited are invited to participate in the this edition of the solidarity race Sahara Marathon 2022, which will take place on Monday, February 28, 2022 in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

The SaharaMarathon 2022, for the first time, will be entirely organized by the Saharawi government, the Saharawi Ministry of Sport and delegates in the different countries.
The international organization of volunteers, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, will not be involved this year and will not be able to organize flights and participate in the refugee camps in the organization of the races and activities.

Race Categories:

The available race distances are as follows: the Marathon (42km), the Half Marathon (21km), the 10km and the 5km.

All the races will be carried out in a single route between Aaiun, Auserd and Smara camps, which is the final destination of the different categories.

Requirements for the competition:

The Sahara Marathon Race is a sporting event with a solidarity character, with the main objective of raising awareness at the international level about the social and political situation of the Saharawi people.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, additional precautionary measures will be taken to ensure that the event is safe and is not a source of infection between the participants and the local population.

The organizers will take measures so that all participants can take part in the event safely. All host Sahrawi families and the volunteers will be fully vaccinated and all participants must meet certain requirements, both before their departure to the camps, and on their return to their home countries.

The organizers recommend that a maximum of 4 people will be hosted with each Sahrawi host family. However, should any participant wish to stay alone, the organizers will be flexible with such requests.

Important to note, that in the event that the organizers and the Sahrawi authorities consider it inappropriate to hold the race due to the worsening situation of the pandemic, the decision will be communicated to all participants in advance.

Scheduled for the charter flight:

There will be charter flight for the participants departing from Madrid airport on February 25, 2022 and returning on March 3, 2022.

The exact times for charter flight are to be confirmed with Air Algerie.

It is important to note that you must have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months.

The Luggage allowance is 20Kg per person

Costs of participation:

The cost is 750 euros, which covers the following:

– The round-trip ticket
– Visa fees
– Transportation throughout the week in the different cultural activities
– Accommodation with host families
– Food
– Donation for Sports project for the benefit of young people in the camps
– Registration fee
– T-shirts

The organizers wish to clarify for athletes who have participated in previous events and who were able to travel their own on regular flights, that this year due to restrictions, this will not be possible. For this, the authorities are arranging for the charter flight, due to the difficulty in finding places on the few flights available to Algeria, in addition of its high cost.


Registrations are open from January 1, 2022

All people interested in participating in this year’s Sahara Marathon are requested to send their registration either via email to BCHEIJ@HOTMAIL.COM or by WhatsApp to +34686215416

The registration should include the following information: Name and surname; Date of Birth; Nationality; Passport Number; Profession; Phone Number; E-mail; Address; the Race Distance; T-shirt size.

Important note: for participants from previous years who would like to stay with the same Sahrawi host families, you must send the name of the family and their address.

The organizers recommend for interested participants to make their registrations as soon as possible, so as to enable the organizers to know the exact number of participants for reasons of flight capacity.

It also important to note that that registrations will not be valid until the payment for the fee has been completed via bank transfer, which the organizers will communicate to you as soon as possible.

The deadline for registration is February 10, 2022.

Responsibilities of the participants:

By submitting their registration , the participants accept the solidarity spirit of this race, which is organized in refugee camps, and declare that they are physically fit to run the race.

The organizer of the race, as has been the practice every year, work with different organizations and institutions and local volunteers, in order to guarantee its success and create the necessary conditions such as:

– Food and water stations
– Posts and controls along the race route
– Medical Service, first aid services are provided during the race course
– Security, the organizers in collaboration with the Saharawi authorities, throughout the week work to guarantee the safety and well-being of all participants, not only on the day of the race, but also throughout all organized visits and activities

Regarding the concerns of the war situation in Western Sahara, as people who have recently been in the camps on the different charter flights and those who are familiar with the Saharawi political situation can confirm, the war is happening in the areas of Western Sahara under the occupation of Morocco, and is very far away from the refugee camps. Therefore, this is not of concern and will not impact the safety of the Sahara Marathon.