A solidarity race for the refugee children of Western Sahara

27 February 2019

Saharawi refugee camps - Tindouf - Algeria

First saharawi triumph in the SaharaMarathon

February 26, 2018

The eighteenth edition of the solidarity race finally saw the triumph of a refugee athlete SAHARA MARATHON FOR LOCAL HEROES -Lehsen Sidahmed and Inma Zanoguera, two moving stories of the Saharawi people. -The Mallorcan basketball player triumphs in the desert, searching for her origins. Smara (Saharawi Camps of Tindouf-Algeria) .- The Sahara Marathon is the …

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SaharaMarathon 2018

November 11, 2017

18 years of SaharaMarathon, and 42 years of exile for the Saharawi people. The 2018 edition of SaharaMarathon revolves around a number we all know: 42. The kilometers you need to run to complete a marathon, but also the number of years that the Saharawi spent away from their home, in this inhospitable desert. So …

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SaharaMarathon 2017 balance and projects

April 13, 2017

A brief history of the SaharaMarathon Project The first edition of the Sahara Marathon was born as a simple marathon, to give visibility to the Saharawi cause and express solidarity with this people. It was attended by less than a hundred people, amateur runners, who reached the camps in small groups organized by associations of …

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