The 2017 medal

This is the medal waiting for you at the finish line of SaharaMarathon 2017.
It’s hand-made and hand-painted at the ceramic laboratory of the ElAyoun camp, each piece is unique.
The ceramic laboratory is a project to employ women in the refugee camps, and SaharaMarathon asked them to produce medals for the race, and bought the medals from them for the last 7 years (another way to keep all the funds collected at the camps).
Among the new visits plan of SaharaMarathon 2017, there is the ceramic laboratory. They produce many nice artistic manufacts in ceramic, that you can buy and bring home as a present. They don’t have many chances to have visitors and buyers… so, let’s do some shopping.
The laboratory now, aided by an Italian association, produces medals for other races too, so far in Italy, Spain, US, Germany. If you’re a race organizer, and want to use the Saharawi solidarity medals, with your custom design, ask us, then come to the camps for SaharaMarathon and bring back home your medals.
As a friend and long time participant once said: “I have plenty of medals in boxes in the basement. These ones are the ones I keep exposed in my home.”