Visits in Smara

For the days after the races, we’re preparing a guided visit to some point of interest in Smara, to try to give you more information on how the services and the social structure works at the camps.
The visit will start and end at the center of the Daira of Echederia, were the participants are hosted, and all the points to visit are at walking distance.
Saharawi guides, translators, and workers at each place will give you information and will answer your questions.

We’ll visit first the health center, just in front of the Daira, and then the nursery.
The center for for people suffering disabilities will follow, and after that the primary school.
Next stops are the vegetable garden, the school of english, and the carpentry school.

At the end, in the Daira, a small talk will be given, a brief history of the Saharawi people, before their exile, during the war, and of their current situation.