T-shirt and tubular for SaharaMarathon participants are ready!
For all those who can’t join us at the camps, but want to contribute to the SaharaMarathon sports projects, we prepared the “SaharaMarathon Bib 0”, that includes a symbolic Bib 0, a T-shirt and a tubular, that you can have with a contribution of 30€.
All the funds collected with the “Bib 0” will be devolved to the 2017 Sport Project.

You can order the “Bib 0”, or ask a a friend who comes to the camps to buy it for you.

But more important, to each of you, participants: you have one month to convince at least one of your training companions to get one! tell them where you’re going, why, and maybe next year they’ll come to get not only the t-shirt, but the medal too.


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